review of Antec NX310 Mid Tower Gaming Case - Black

Antec GX310 case review and testing

Antec GX310 can hardly be called a novelty, since it was presented in October 2016, positioned in the budget segment, and is still on sale. The manufacturer himself classifies this "middle tower" as a solution for players, not forgetting about...

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Amazon Gift Card to Buy Bitcoins

Using an Amazon Gift Card to Buy Bitcoins

What's great about using an Amazon Gift Card to buy Bitcoin is that you can get it almost anywhere. You have to provide your Amazon Card code to the seller, and you can g,o, and Bitcoin will be credited to...

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Logitech G432 7.1 Surround Sound Wired Gaming Headset - USB

Logitech G432 gaming headset review

Surround sound, an exemplary microphone for a class, a complete sound card, and an ergonomic design - about this in the Logitech G432 gaming headset review. When budget headphones do not attract you, and you don’t want to spend all...

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best gaming monitors

Best gaming monitors for 2021 ( A Complete Guide)

 In this article I am going to discuss best gaming monitor. Further I'll discuss pros and cons of each model.The gaming equipment market is going through a difficult period. And suppose for manufacturers this is a pleasant (for the most...

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best gaming mouse 2021

Best Gaming Mouse for 2022 -23

In this artice, we'll discuss in details the best gaming mouse in 2021. We will discuss their pros and cons and best brands for gaming mouses. Things to consider when choosing a gaming mouse The form.   Gaming mice come...

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wireless gaming keyboard

The 5 Best gaming keyboards for 2022 - 23

Today we will talk about such an indispensable tool for gamers as a keyboard. This ranking has collected the 5 Best gaming keyboards for 2021. The TOP includes models from 455 to 890 QAR. When selecting models, the following qualities...

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