review of Antec NX310 Mid Tower Gaming Case - Black

Antec GX310 case review and testing

Antec GX310 can hardly be called a novelty, since it was presented in October 2016, positioned in the budget segment, and is still on sale. The manufacturer himself classifies this "middle tower" as a solution for players, not forgetting about the illumination or the possibility of placing large components. At the first acquaintance, the Antec model looks at least soundly. And what awaits us in reality?



Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Packaging and equipment
  • Appearance and design
  • Internal structure
  • Test stand
  • Assembly features
  • Case cooling system
  • Tools
  • Testing methodology
  • Test results
  • Conclusion
  • Specifications


The cases of the American company Antec are rightfully considered the pioneers of the market, because it was founded in 1986. However, in our laboratory, its models of system units have not been for a long time, since 2014. Thanks to our permanent partner, Regard, we will try to fill this gap.


The hero of the review is the Mid-Tower case - Antec GX310. It can hardly be called a novelty since it was introduced back in October 2016, positioned in the budget segment, and is still on sale.

The manufacturer himself classified the Antec GX310 as a gaming series (Gaming Series) and endowed it with everything you need, including backlighting and the ability to accommodate large components.

In press photos, the Antec looks at least solid. And what awaits us in reality?

antec gaming pc case from inside

Packaging and equipment

The box is compact and light enough by modern standards. It is designed in a very simple way: on unpainted corrugated cardboard, a schematic image of the body is applied in black paint, and the main specifications are given.

Even though the package is not provided with cutouts at the ends designed to facilitate transportation, to this cannot be called a big omission due to its compactness and low weight.

Inside, the body is wrapped in a plastic bag as usual and sandwiched between two foam clips.

Antec GX310 case review and testing


Further in it you can find the user manual and the delivery set.

All screws are packaged in six signed bags, including a bag with screws for attaching hard drives, optical drive, fan, motherboard, SSD, and power supply.

In addition, the kit includes five plastic ties and an additional brass stand for attaching the motherboard.

The User's Guide is a thin A5 booklet. The text is presented in English only.

Here is a photo of one of the pages in order to provide a visual representation (there is no manual on the site itself).

And for curious readers, we attach a link to the instructions on the manufacturer's website in PDF format. The main characteristics are only repeated there.

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