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How to buy and present a steam wallet gift card to a friend?

Steam wallet card regulars know that the online platform can gift your friend a game. Many users use this opportunity, but there is a risk of not pleasing with the game. Naturally, many have a reasonable question, is there an opportunity to give a friend in Steam money so that a person can choose a game or various devices for games to their taste? The answer cannot, but please. User can buy a Steam wallet Card in Qatar! Functionally, there is another opportunity in Steam: replenishment of wallet codes, but currently, Russian users cannot implement this operation, so the Steam electronic gift card is the only way to buy something that will give the hero of the occasion the freedom to choose a gift for a birthday or another holiday. It is good news that the cards have different denominations,

Purchasing an e-gift card

To present a card to a friend, you need to go to the store on the menu. Then, at the bottom of the desktop client window, click on the "Gift Cards" hyperlink.

In the "Steam Gift Cards" section, click on the word "Purchase."

Another way to find a way out to the algorithm for purchasing a Steam card. To do this, click on the Steam username and select the "About account" line in the loaded menu. A window will open in which the User is interested in the section "Operations in the store and purchase history," where there is the necessary link - "Top up balance."

On the page for selecting the amount of replenishment, there is a button "Wallet and gift card code" on the right. You must click on it.

A new window will open on the computer screen, in which you need to click on the "Purchase an electronic gift card" link.

Then a window will appear with a full set of cards with a cash equivalent from 150 to 3000 rubles. When the User has decided on the gift amount, he must click on the selected card.


If the purchase is made in the web interface of the online platform Steam, the site will again require you to log in to the system - enter your username and password. Then the full list of the User's friends in Steam will load on the monitor screen, where the gift recipient should be marked.

Any gift is usually accompanied by a congratulatory message. The Steam developers also thought about this, inviting the donor to enter their congratulations. However, this field is optional and can be left blank.

Payment Transaction of Steam Card

Next, you need to complete a payment transaction by choosing a payment method, entering the payment card details, and all other data for making a payment. The final stage is entering the transaction confirmation code sent by the cardholder's bank via SMS.

steam wallet gift card


Important! Since the beginning of 2021, a limited number of payment methods are available to Steam users: debiting from bank cards of Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal payment systems. All other methods of replenishing an account in Steam are not yet available. They will likely work again after adapting Internet services and payment systems to the new Russian legislation.

Features of using steam wallet gift cards

If you want to give your friend not a game, then as an alternative you can buy a Steam card, it is important to tell him about the features of its use, and also to take into account some points yourself.

Firstly, it is unacceptable to purchase an electronic card by debiting funds from the Steam balance. You need to pay for the card from an external source, for example, using payment through the User's bank card.

You can only give a card to a Steam user present in the User's friend list. Therefore, before deciding on such a gift to a person, you need to include him in the number of friends and three days before the donation action.

The recipient of an electronic card can spend the amount of its face value exclusively on the online platform: and this is the purchase of games, gaming equipment, and other stuff on the Steam trading platform.

You can pay for a gift in the face value of the country of the bank that issued the bank card, but in the recipient's incentive, the amount will be displayed in the currency of his country of residence.

If for some reason, the recipient of the gift card refuses to accept the gift, the money will be returned to the donor's card account.

Note! When exchanging a gift card for goods on the Steam trading platform, some difficulties may arise, resulting from which the operation may be temporarily blocked. This should not scare the User; it happens; you need to wait out the time and try again. In such situations, the User will be notified by a system notification.

So, if the User desires to give a friend money in Steam, then there is a wonderful way out: to purchase an electronic card. Steam wallet Gift Card is the best gift with or without!

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