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Should you buy a gaming chair in 2021? Pros and Cons of Gaming Chair

Surely every PC user who loves to brighten up his leisure time playing computer games will ask about such an acquisition sooner or later. Moreover, due to eSports' growing popularity, this topic is becoming more and more relevant.

Gaming versus office

But before deciding on such a purchase, it is worthwhile to understand several points for yourself. First of all, what is a best gaming chair in general, and how does it differ from an ordinary office one?

Oddly enough - very few. Almost all the advantages of a dxracer gaming chair, except the colors, can be offered by ordinary office chairs of the corresponding quality. But still, several points make gaming chairs stand out, and because of which they make a choice in their favor.

Pros of Gaming Chairs


  • The most important and most obvious plus is the bright, sometimes even aggressive colors. At one glance at him, it becomes clear that his owner is not so much watching videos or sitting on social networks as "bending down" his enemies in this or that game
  • Ease of use: 

    Important qualities of such a device are a high back, adjustable armrests, and the presence of back and neck pillows. This is because professional players can spend from 10 to 16 hours a day training. If you do this in an ordinary chair, the consequences of an excessively sedentary lifestyle will come 15 years earlier than statistics show.
  • The shape of the seat, as a rule, completely follows the structure of the curves of the human body. Thus, sitting for a long time does not interfere with normal blood circulation, and the muscles and spine do not experience constant stress, as is often the case with office chairs.
  • Personal customization:

     This point follows completely from the previous two. The owner can fully customize the device according to his parameters: weight, height, a wave of the arms, and so on. You can even choose your favorite position and fix the control levers so that it is in this position that the backstops when the player, for example, leans back just as much as he feels comfortable.
  • High strength components:

    Gamers, as a rule, are very emotional people, and in the heat of emotions, both from victory and from defeat, they can unconsciously, for example, jump up and knock down a chair. Not to mention that a gaming chair is often used for much more than 8 hours a day compared to an office chair. And then, even with the highest strength characteristics, the manufacturer rarely gives a guarantee for more than two years.
  • The surfaces of these chairs are made of ecological leather or leatherette. Such a solution both prolongs the service life and is safer for the user when the skin is in contact with the surface. If unnatural materials are used, traces of irritation and even a rash may remain on the skin.
  • Prestige:

     A gaming chair will also be a must when you are a blogger or streamer with your video channel. In this case, to be taken seriously, you need to have the appropriate equipment. Because otherwise, if you get up while recording a video (stream) or even turn around, then everyone will certainly see what you are sitting on. A modern, bright chair will make a more pleasant impression on a person than a shabby chair ten years ago. Yes, this is a trifle, but, as the saying goes: "A trifle - but it hurts the eye."

Cons of Gaming Chair

  • The first and most important reason that will make everyone think before buying is, of course, the price. Buying a good gaming chair jn Qatar will be a very expensive pleasure. Of course, here, a gaming product is understood only as a product with adjustable armrests, an angle of inclination, made of high-strength products, and has a warranty of at least two years. Prices start from 10 tr. But, in general, according to reviews on the Internet, the picture is as follows: if you are not ready to allocate at least 15 thousand rubles for such a purchase, it is better not even to try. A better option, in this case, would be to purchase a high-quality ergonomic office chair.
  • The second reason, even due to its obviousness, requires attention. A gaming chair will take up space and significantly more than a regular office chair. Therefore, before buying, it is worth evaluating the place on which the usual chair stands: will there be enough space for the gamer?
  • The risk of buying a low-quality product. Because the industry is very young, even eminent brand companies still do not agree on the quality standards.
  • Even if you buy a quality chair, there is still a risk of being uncomfortable for you. Therefore, if you decide to buy, try to choose stores where the goods can be returned after a certain period. Because it's one thing to sit on an armchair in a store and listen to the admiration of a sales assistant, to whom such a sale will close the monthly plan, and quite another thing to sit on it for two or three days and objectively assess whether it suits you or not.
  • Well, the final reason is the complexity of the repair service. Yes, unlike office gaming ones, they are more durable, and breaking them is quite problematic. But if it breaks down, then it will be quite expensive to repair. And then if the device is generally subject to repair. Therefore, when purchasing, you should be ready not only for one-time spending on a purchase but also for its maintenance, which, although rare, will be quite expensive.


From all of the above, we can conclude that ordinary office chairs are slightly inferior to professional gaming. Therefore, the question of buying must be approached carefully. It is worth remembering that gaming chairs are a fairly young industry, and you should only buy them from well-known manufacturers. According to a large number of reviews, cheap chairs are more poorly constructed and fail faster. In addition, at home, there should be space for such a place. But if you want to start streaming or blogging, or if you want a chair like this because your favorite streamer or professional player plays the same one, then this is your choice. Play and Win!

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