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The 5 Best gaming keyboards for 2022 - 23

Today we will talk about such an indispensable tool for gamers as a keyboard. This ranking has collected the 5 Best gaming keyboards for 2021. The TOP includes models from 455 to 890 QAR. When selecting models, the following qualities were taken into account:

  • keyboard type (mechanical or membrane);
  • response speed;
  • quality of materials;
  • build quality;
  • design;
  • switches (switches);
  • compactness;
  • additional keyboard functions;
  • additional keys and their purpose;
  • software;
  • price.

And in order to be as objective as possible and to identify the pros and cons of each model, customer reviews and expert reviews were studied.


Logitech G915

In first place is the Logitech G915. The low-profile mechanical beauty belongs to the premium series keyboards. It has both pros and cons, but first things first. Immediately, I will note its difference - this is the design: Logitech himself called it "Skeleton" . The keyboard consists of two plates, but the upper one is more interesting to us - it is brushed aluminum, everything was done with high quality and for a long time. Let us also recall its thickness, equal to 22 mm, well, and rounded at the edges so that no questions arise at all, but still a little longer than the standard one, although even this does not make it less convenient. Well, and in beauty: we designed a highlighted logo in the upper left corner.

GL Tactile switches are installed under the keys. There are three types of them in total. The characteristics are the same - the actuation stroke is 1.5 mm, and the stop travel is 2.7 mm. Fun fact - the switches were developed with Kailh; on our own, let's say that they are easy to press. On the left, there are five keys for recording macros. It is done so-so because it is very easy to confuse E and F1, but you can get used to it. But the upper buttons are something: they are made conveniently, there are not many of them, but everything you need is there. It can be connected both by wire and via Bluetooth. You can buy top gaming keyboards from top performing results, when you type a keywork"best gaming keyboard(a google ad)

Let's move on to the volume scroll, which is located in the corner opposite the logo. It seems that I want to praise it, but users complain that too much dirt gets into it, and for many, it simply does not make sense: it does not work with wireless speakers, and it does not replace the mouse wheel.

The layout is not quite standard: "Shift" is long, "Enter" is two-story: there is a feeling that they returned five years ago. The software on this keyboard is well done. The letters can even be colored in your way. The backlight is very bright here, which is why it will work for about 30 hours with a wireless connection, but without it - as much as 1000 hours (WOW!).


  • Design.
  • Software.
  • Dimensions.
  • Assembly.
  • Battery life (without backlight).


  • Cost.
  • Layout.
  • Keypress volume.

The company has managed to create a very controversial product. It seems like we have cool dimensions, premium design, and the device itself, which can be used both for games and for work, but the layout (which makes this keyboard not so convenient) and the overpriced do not allow us to put the model in several places above. Moreover, the clicks are carried out with a characteristic and not the most pleasant sound.


Glorious GMMK - Compact Mechanical Keyboard (Pre-Built)


In 2nd place is Glorious GMMK - Compact Mechanical Keyboard (Pre-Built). It is completely made of durable aluminum. Its quality is not "Chinese" at all. On the contrary - nothing creaks, no backlash.

Full size, USB only. The peculiarity of the inner part, as in many gaming keyboards, is the optical-mechanical switches. Let's briefly explain how it works. This mechanical keyboard is not triggered by pressing a switch but when it reaches a certain space in which a laser is present. This was done, of course, to increase the key response speed, here it is 0.2 ms (which, by the way, is faster than any other mechanical model), and the key travel is high.

But what then can you call it a special feature, if not this proprietary development of the company? And the trick is the moisture protection of the IP56 format. That is, it will easily survive tea or coffee, but the team of the Technical Inspector does not advise checking this function, let it be your safety net. Includes a branded leather palm rest. There are no additional keys for macros, but you can assign a separate macro to any button through the software.

This device comes with tactile switches, which are more for gaming and nearly double the keyboard price with linear switches: they are already designed to create silence and comfort in all directions. Among the shortcomings - the location of the center of gravity was not calculated a little; becauseSixten of this, when the central keys are pressed strongly, the keyboard bends. Well, the problematic software, which Asus will not finish in any way.


  • Design.
  • Equipment.
  • The quality of the materials.
  • Moisture protection.
  • Branded switches.
  • Reliability.


  • Software.
  • Build quality.

A reliable and highly entertaining gaming keyboard that will decorate your workspace and become a chic tool to use.

Glorious GMMK RGB Compact Mechanical Keyboard - White Ice Edition


In third place Glorious GMMK RGB Compact Mechanical Keyboard - White Ice Edition. The box proudly flaunts the Shotgun inscription, but when you take it out of the box, you will understand that the word bleed would be more suitable here, because the keyboard, although compact, is still made crooked. The design is ordinary, except for the multicolored letters in the rows, but it looks somehow childish. Positioned as accessible gaming.

But even for this money, we get a real gaming mechanical keyboard on blue switches. But the sounds when pressing the keys cannot be avoided - unfortunately, loud ones. There are no additional keys, but additional functions have been added to the main ones by tradition. But these are not macros, but such functions: launching the browser, changing the volume, etc. There is high-quality backlighting, but not RGB. You can change the modes.


  • Price.
  • Has all the basic parameters of a gaming keyboard.
  • Compactness.


  • Small functionality.
  • The quality of the materials.
  • Backlight.
  • Weight.

One of the few models where the number of disadvantages has exceeded the number of advantages. For relatively little money, you get a keyboard with all the benefits of mechanical keyboards. It seems to be inexpensive, and the firm is proven, but it seems that it is better to take a closer look at more advanced, functional, but no longer mechanical models.

Logitech G613 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


The 4th place is occupied by Logitech G613 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. The gaming keyboard features classic Light Strike switches, full-size . There are no additional keys. Everything is according to the standard. The body is made of durable metal. Water, like Asus Tuf Gaming 7, is not afraid. The frames on the sides are minimal, which is good news.

The kit includes special rubberized inserts that fit over the keyboard legs. The package bundle is rich here: an innovative RGB lighting system can be customized as you want. An interesting feature here is a special "game mode,” with the help of which the user can disable individual keys so that he does not accidentally collapse the game during a game session.

Thanks to the quality of the materials, the rubberized body, and the dust and moisture protection, the buttons will last a long time. Like Asus' Tuf Gaming 7, there are optomechanical switches inside that will provide instant response.


  • Design.
  • Equipment.
  • The quality of the materials.
  • Moisture protection.


  • Build quality.
  • Stabilizers.

But still, there are some disadvantages: for example, the build quality is not encouraging, deformation occurs quite easily, and the keyboard's lifespan decreases. The device has very low-quality stabilizers, so the keys, when pressed, backlash and emit extraneous sounds unpleasant for the user.

Cooler Master SK622 Hybrid Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - White



  • type: membrane
  • connection: wired
  • backlight: yes
  • cable: USB
  • number of keys: 104, with numeric block
  • dimensions: 483x30x214 mm, weight: 870 g

In 5th place is Cooler Master SK622 Hybrid Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - White. The most budgetary keyboard in our TOP. By design, it is clear that we have a game model in front of us. It is a membrane, without any peculiarities. Full size, no extra keys. Useful chips are provided (rubber inserts on the legs), which simplifies the game.

The additional Fn key can be used to change the keyboard volume and brightness. And thanks to the special game mode, you can lock the "Win" key. There are complaints, but all are related to cheap materials.

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