PSN Collection (For Qatar, US, UK regions)

After buying the PSN card from our store in Qatar, the purchased PS Store card will be instantly sent to your mail immediately after payment and displayed on your screen. The PSN card is activated on your Playstation Store account and adds to it the amount of its nominal value. In our online store, PSN gift cards are available for purchase in denominations of 39, 82,95 199,209, 427 Qatari Ryal(QAR) for the Qatari region and PSN gift cards in denominations of 10, 20, 50 and 100 US dollars($) for accounts in the US region. Playstation Cards in denominations of 25 and 35 UK pounds(£) are also available for replenishment of accounts in the UK but they are less popular among users. Buy these cards online at the lowest prices in Qatar from the BlinkQA gaming store.

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