Cyber Clean Stylus-Pro Cleaning Solution - 3.4ml

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Cyber Clean JT47051 Screen Cleaning Solutions Stylus-Pro Accessory

If you're on the go, don't forget to take the Cyber Clean Stylus-Pro with you! The award winning and versatile cleaning and writing solution for smartphones and tablets. Ideal for gently and efficiently removing dust, finger prints, oily residues, stubborn stains, and splashes and leaving the surface polished and sanitized. The cleaning and disinfecting solution is in the functional stylus pen and can be refilled. The precise writing tip facilitates a smooth and smudge-free operation and navigation on any screen.


What It Does ?

  • Gently removes dust, finger prints, oily residues, stubborn stains and splashes from smartphones and tablets. 
  • Reusable. Refillable cleaning and writing utensil for touchscreens. Clean your smart phones and tablets and use it like a handy stylus pen.
  • Lockable to avoid unintended spraying during transportation. Comes with a functional clip for attaching to the tablet's cover.


  • Stylus-Pro - chic screen cleaning on the go
  • For stylish cleaning of smartphones and tablet PCs
  • Our Stylus-Pro is also an outstanding and ergonomic stylus.
  • Stylus-Pro for touch screens; refillable; lockable to avoid spillage during transportation; with a practical clip for attachment to the cover of the tablet PC.
  • Spray - wipe - finished
  • Spray onto the screen surface two to four times (once or twice for smartphones) from a distance of 10 to 15 cm.
  • Rotate the Stylus-Pro and use the (hydrophilic) fabric on the back to wipe the screen until it is completely dry!
  • Cyber Clean Solutions are suitable for cleaning all kinds of screens, whether at home, in the office, in the car or on the move.

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