Florpad - Hyper Beast

QAR 225

Protect your floor with style!

Stop scratching the floor and don’t lose your grip with the ultimate floor mat to place under the gaming/office chair, the octagon shaped Florpad™

Florpad is specially crafted with gamers in mind, after all we’re gamers ourselves! It’s made with the same material used by combat divers! We’re talking an advanced matrix cloth weaving surface that is water repellent and capable of withstanding heavy chair pressures to protect your floor. To put it simply, Florpad™ is made to stand the test of time. Florpad makes gamers feel like they’re in control and serves as a steady ground for long game sessions.

Trust us: Every gamer needs a red carpet beneath their throne. No matter how stylish your gaming zone is today, it’s still missing the final piece of the puzzle to be complete: Florpad! Regular floor mats just won’t cut it, ditch the lame rug! Florpad is the upgrade you need, no matter what game you’re owning at.

Florpad is the best mat to support high-end gaming and office chairs. Washable at 30°C.

Grab The Edge!



100x100cm | 39.4×39.4inches


4mm | 0.15inches

Gross Weight

2.6kg | 5.7lbs

Net Weight

2.2kg | 4.9lbs

Box size

117x10x10cm | 46.1×3.9×3.9inches

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